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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  July 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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dead and a police officer in the hospital after a shooting outside a baltimore county nightclub. the chaos erupted in the parking lot of club baltimore in the 8000 block of pew lusky highway this morning. sheldon dutes joins us with the late-breaking details. sheldon. >> that officer is expected to be ok. he apparently got hurt while trying to secure the scene out here. he has been treated and released from the hospital. the parking lot out here is empty. an employee tells me that the nightclub is closed tonight. a grand opening banner still hangs at the entrance of club baltimore. it's unclear how long the rowdale nightclub will remain closed. before 2:00 a.m., a man pulled out a gun and shot a man in the parking lot. >> when our officers arrived, they saw the victim laying in the parking lot suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was transported to bay view hospital where he was pronounced deceased. >> that sends a scare to the
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night bar-going community, even in humble places like around here. >> i spoke to the victim's family off camera, they had no comment on the shooting. baltimore police don't know the suspect's motive, they think it may have stemmed from an argument between the two men. it's unknown what caused their dispute. the officers said the parking lot was a chaotic scene. >> the officers discovered the victim. there was a large group of people surrounding victim. adds they tried to secure the crime scene and move the people back, some people failed to follow those orders. one of our officers was assaulted. he was transported to franklin square hospital where he was treated and released. we have one person in custody for that assault. >> the search continues for the gunman who is still on the run. police don't have any details on him other than the fact that he may have left the keen in a car. >> i know the places that i go to. i always have my eyed wide ownership and look over my shoulder when i go into a new place like this. i wouldn't judge this place by one incident at all. i think every place deserves a
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fair break. >> this is still an active investigation. if you have any information that can help police, call metro crime stoppers. that number is 1-866-7-lock-up. in rosedale, sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. tonight police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in northeast baltimore last night. the shooting took place around 11:15 in the 1400 block of stonewood road. investigators believe the 20-year-old victim was fighting with two other men when someone produced a gun and opened fire. that victim has not yet been identified, but officials say he was taken to johns hopkins where he was pronounced dead. anyone with information is asked to call the city homicide unit. police are investigating a shooting in east baltimore. we're told a man was walking around 9:30 this morning when someone shot him in the head. the vick was taken to the hospital where he is in stable condition. the suspect fled on foot. no word on a possible motive.
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maryland state police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly motor scooter accident in carroll county. investigators say 46-year-old mark continues low was traveling westbound just after midnight. his scooter left the road and crashed into an electric fence wire. according to police, the man suffered severe head and neck injuries and died at the scene. no other vehicles were involved in this crash. one person is dead after a two-alarm house fire in anne arundel county. officials say the fire broke out just after 1:30 this afternoon in edgewater. one victim died at the scene. another, a woman in her 60's or 70's, was rushed to bay view burn unit with life threatening injuries. >> the propane tank or something that is standard in the area here, many homes have propane gas stoves and that's what those tanks are for. there was no damage to the tank or any indication that the tank was involved in the fire at
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all. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation. a fire in southeast baltimore has one family looking for a new place to live tonight. the two alarm blaze started in the home around 7:30 this morning. the fire quickly spread to two adjoining homes. >> the dog was barking like crazy. when i got up, i heard the smorblee defectors going off. i saw smoke coming up the steps. i got the kids and got out the house. we looked in the kitchen. you could see the flames coming from the stove. >> everyone made it out safely, but a firefighter was treated for injuries unrelated to the fire. neighborhood services are assisting the displaced families and month word on what sparked this fire. covering the nation tonight, firefighters are making progress against new mexico's largest wildfire. the fire has burned more than 162 square miles in the last
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six days forcing thousands from the city of los alamos in the nation's premiere nuclear weapons laboratory. crews have been able to slow the fire's advance and it no longer poses an immediate threat to the nuclear lab. authorities are considering lifting the evacuation order, but no timetable has been set for bringing everyone back. >> our conversations have been that we want all resources that are available since this is the number one fire priority in the country. >> the fire has forced the delay of thousands of experiments at the nuclear weapons lab including one study on extending the life of nuclear bombs made in the 1960's. former international monetary fund chief dominique strauss-kahn has returned to his rented new york city townhome after a brief outing. pictures made the front pages on most french newspapers today. police and security guards cleared reporters off the
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sidewalk in front of the tribeca neighborhood home shortly before he emerged this afternoon. he returned a few hours later. yesterday prosecutors told a judge they had discovered serious problems with the credibility of the hotel maid who accused him of trying to rape her in may. after six weeks of testimony and more than 400 pieces of evidence, the casey anthony murder trial is drawing to a close with closing arguments on the horizon. jay explains how both sides are preparing. he has the latest from orlando. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this concludes the presentation of all evidence. >> and now comes the closing arguments. the courtroom was closed today. the judge is giving the prosecution and the defense a full day to prepare and then on sunday, each side will get a half day to deliver their final crucial address to the jury. legal analysts say the prosecution must stay the course. >> no matter what you do in this case, no matter how you put the puzzle together, based
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on own admission, her lies and behavior, all infrenches correlated from, there is one conclusion, she is liable. it's that simple. >> not so from the defense. >> you have to hit there is no premeditation and no intent to kill. you have to ask a jury how did she die? >> as the proceedings wrapped up on friday, there was perhaps a hint of what we'll hear. >> if you separate the fact from particulars and inferences being stacked by nerveses it -- nerves by the jury. the jury should be the body that makes the decision as to what is indeed fact and what is fiction. >> after six weeks of testimony and more than 350 items entered as evidence, the jury will get that chance tomorrow. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> and jury deliberations could start as early as tomorrow afternoon. minnesota republican michelle bachmann grabbed breakfast and some handshakes at a diner in iowa today. bachmann sat down and had a bite to eat and spoke with people one-on-one. she is on a four-day visit to the state with the nation's first presidential caucuses. bachmann is leading in a recent poll along with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. reducing the nation's deficit and creating jobs topped president obama's weekly radio address today. >> democrats and republicans agree on the need to solve the problem. and over the last few weeks, the vice president and i have gotten both parties to identify more than $1 trillion in spending cuts. it means we'll have to start making some tough decisions and scale back worthy programs. nothing can be offlimits.
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>> the president added that while spending cuts are necessary, it can be done while making investments in education, research and technology that actually creates jobs. an impasse over the budget leads to a government shutdown in minnesota this fourth of july weekend. state parks and most government buildings have been shut down indefinitely after negotiations over the state's budget stalled this week. mark dayton says the wealthy should pay higher taxes, but republicans say tax hikes are not an option. fourth of july celebrations underway across the state, we'll take you tonight's b.s.o. performance at oregon ridge. getting in the spirit, will the 50% tax increase on alcohol impact holiday festivities across the state? reaction from industry insiders and patrons. >> perfect weather for those oregon ridge fireworks. we have some nature fireworks out to the northwest of us
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showing up on radar. we'll talk about the prospects of rain coming up. clouds are building and now at the airport, it's 78. i
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>> this holiday weekend not only marks america's birthday,
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it also marks the birth of a new tax increase in maryland, one that could affect your favorite drink. for the first time since 1972, maryland's tax on alcohol has increased from 6% to 9%, a change that cause aid lot of commotion in annapolis, but at this point not a big stir at places like the popular charles village club. >> people don't understand there is an actual tax on it. they think it was a price increase. overall, we have the same clientele. how it's a little bit more, a quarter more. >> the new tax is expected to generate $85 million and a portion will fund services for the developmentally disabled and later for school construction. those that fought for the tax increase thinks there will be other benefits as well. >> this will save lives. it will reduce underage drinking abuse and save us from injury.
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>> patrons didn't seem to be complaining this weekend didn't seem to be complaining about the price changes, not yet. >> it isn't going to change anything about the way the people drink. the government will be making a profit. >> it's going towards something good, the good of society. that's fine. >> it is expected the average drink price will go up about 25 cents and the fax affects beer, wine, and spirits. a star strangled spectacle. the b.s.o. starts its outside concert series with a bang. we'll take you there. and the annual festival that celebrates the history, culture and heritage of african-americans. >> it heeded up today. the humidity is still pretty good. it wasn't all that bad. tomorrow is a different story. rain chances, higher humidity
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>> this holiday weekend marks an annual tradition here in baltimore. the african-american heritage festival. hundreds gathered near the bank stadium today for the family event. celebrity performances, food, rides, and educational exhibits are some of the top draws at the annual celebration of our african-american heritage. the two-day festival ends tomorrow night at 9:00. and the b.s.o. kicked off july 4th celebrations around the area with tonight's
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star-spangled spectacular. the performance is part of the outdoor concert series. the b.s.o. performed traditional patriotic music choreographed to a full fireworks display. if you missed tonight's performance, you can catch another one tomorrow night at 8:00. >> or perhaps we'll have some of mother nature's fireworks as well. thunderstorms are breaking out to our north and northwest. some are isolated up in central pennsylvania. the line is beginning to reach towards hagerstown. everything is drifted in this direction. much bigger storms in cleveland. these are strong and a lot of lightning. that's also moving to the southwest, too. there is a cold front approaching. that is what is increasing our rain chances here. we'll have the rain chances for better than 24 hours in the area. so a piece of ts holiday weekend does have a rain threat. let's take a look at the current temperatures outside. it's a warm evening this evening.
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mid 70's to around 80 degrees around the bay, most of the yellow shaded areas, you see a few areas of orange, closer to 80. those are in the city itself, especially in the district of columbia. the green shades indicate what readings have dropped into the 60's to a great extent. as far as the satellite imagery is concerned, we have a deck of clouds over us, it's thin and that is not rain, false echos on the radar. here are the storms in pennsylvania. those big storm clusters, two of them, one over lake erie and one out over indiana. indiana has had several periods of rain over the past couple of days and a lot of rain. we could use some rain, too. it's unfortunate that the rain threat is coming on a holiday weekend like the fourth of july. warm humid air is beginning to move into the area. we really still have some pretty dry air here. it will take a while to get the atmosphere at rated to give us the rain. the system is moving out to sea now and it's allowing the cold
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front to come in. the warm humid air will be in here tomorrow. it will be much more humid during the day tomorrow. the temperatures will kind of be controlled tomorrow and monday on how much cloud cover we have. overnight tonight, over 60's, low 70's, partly cloudy skies and thunder showers in the forecast. light west winds, you might hear some thunder and see some lightning out the wind. how much sunshine comes through those clouds tomorrow will kind of determine where the temperature winds up at least into the mid to upper 80's and perhaps around 90 or so for the high and more humid. scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast in the morning hours and then again later in the day tomorrow. southwest winds at seven to 12 miles an hour. insta-weather futurecast shows one area of rain moving in and it breaks up. as a front comes in, another area of rain develops. that would go into the
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overnight hours sunday into monday. on monday itself, rain chances primarily will be to our south. we have to watch how that develops. the front will be stalled to our south. any little disturbances among the front may mush it north. at ocean city, rain chances really don't pick up until sunday and monday. high temperatures will be mostly in the 80's. in the seven-day forecast has rain chances at a 50-50 chance tomorrow. scattered thunderstorms, near 90 the high. near 90 on monday. the predominant rain will be to the south of us. let's keep an eye on the situation. nut ncaa lacrosse champions on display, they took the field in maryland. all-star games glory coming up next in sports.
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>> let's get to it. as always, you can log on to power to check all official results. your next number that is followed by a 51. the final ball is 18. time for your power ball and tonight that number is 32. once again here are tonight's winning power ball numbers right here from beautiful pensacola beach,
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>> the royals posted three home runs in atlanta. better than the effort on friday. no stopping the skids. the braves long ball came today. atlanta was not without its awkward moments. tim hudson, a pitch that will never be forgotten. thankfully no injury involved, just comedy gold. well played. mark reynolds said before the game he wanted to take part in the home run derby. this helps his cause.
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top of four, two-run shot. first of two home runs of the night. he has 17 this season. 2-0. jake arrieta with two outs and unable to close out david ross, the braves' backup catcher, grand slam. devastating. 5-2. atlanta now gloved it pretty well throughout the series. j.j. hardy good shot to center. jordan schaefer finding it over the shoulder. top of eight, nick markakis had a hit streak and today started a new one, he would go yard. 5-4. they scored no more. 5-4 your final, five consecutive losses for baltimore, 10 games now under .500. like the seven on seven football championships on friday, some atypical july weather made the lacrosse games much, much more pleasant than normal. great night for the festivities. the north versus the south. second quarter, north having its way on an awesome effort
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for the all-star. kyle ends up with the ball, the big shot, 7-3 north. but the south went on a run, seven unanswered goals. murray, great play, 9-7 and the south hangs on to win by a final of 11-9. the girls represented as well, same format and same venue, more sunshine. great day for tatum, a future star at maryland, one of her five goals of the afternoon and m.v.p. honors. the south showing some nice teamwork, though. back from behind, oh, quick move and the quick shot and the score. 15-10 is your final. on this fourth of july weekend, the u.s. women's soccer team making everyone proud today. no problem today against colombia playing in germany. first half, 12th minute, heather o'reilly, numberinging
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top shelf. two more scored from there. next up wednesday against sweden. maria sharapova against petra kvitova and the lefty from the czech republic just like martina navratilova powers her way to the first grand slam title. certainly a great match, but it could not equal the senior gentlemen's doubles final. who knew. in the near court giving advice to his partner, get that one, get that one. stuck in no man's land, he pulls every trick in the book, behind the back, through the leg, unreal! that was the point of the tournament. stay with us. wbal-tv 11 news cont
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>> big weekend for you to deliver. >> we did today. the weather was fine. we might hear some thunder overnight tonight and tonight's lose will be down in the 60's, mid 70. 90 tomorrow and monday, rain chances each day. it looks like monday's rain chances will primarily be in the south of us. >> ok. >> if we can hold it together, the fireworks forecast for monday night looks dry with temperatures in the 70's, but with the storm hanging around just to the south, i mean down around annapolis or something, we'll keep an eye on that. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back tomorrow. "saturday night live" is next. happy 4th! the following is an address from the president of the united states. >> good evening. as you probably know, over the


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